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Mark Boundy

Belinda was invaluable in helping me produce and market my book! She was super-responsive, savvy, and professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide, and she’s become a friend. I’ve already referred a few other authors who have reported similar experiences. Thanks Belinda!

Mark Boundy

Cristina DiGiacomo, M.S.

A book is just an idea until it’s made and published. There’s a lot that goes into publishing a book and putting it up in Amazon and Belinda is EXPERT in bringing a book to life and guiding authors through the process. I loved the work her company did on the internal layout, the book cover, and all the details related to getting my book up in Amazon. Because of her, my book was a bestseller in 4 categories, a #1 bestseller in one category, and #1 new release in 2 categories. If you are writing a book and need to make it a reality, CALL HER. There’s no one else I would rather work with.

Cristina DiGiacomo, M.S.

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The Writer’s Academy is a highly focused power program that enables you to complete your book in nine weeks. Apply to join this small, select cohort and start 2020 with completing your book!

Leveraging behavioral science principles and progressive development techniques, this program is not your typical accountability program and is unlike any others that are being offered.

We will focus on an incremental development and writing process that will keep you on-point and engaged.

The Writer’s Academy launches on February 4th, putting your completed manuscript in your hands by the end of the first quarter.



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Belinda Goodrich
Belinda GoodrichPresident, Author
Popular female keynote speaker and award-winning, bestselling author of eight books, Belinda Goodrich is a productivity expert and compelling thought leader,recognized for her innovative understanding of the human mind in today’s complex environment.
Belinda allows her audiences to truly understand their physical, chemical and emotional addiction to distraction and provides succinct tactics for breaking that addiction. Her captivating personality engages, entertains, and educates her audiences, making her one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in her niche.
Belinda is the President of Goodrich Learning Solutions, a training firm dedicated to providing cutting-edge professional development programs that are designed to re-train the brain for lasting change.
She is the developer of the Intelligent Productivity Quotient (IPQ)™, a dynamic evaluation, and training system to mature behavior and break the cycle of addiction to distraction that plagues our homes and businesses.
Mark Boundy
Mark BoundyAuthor
Mark Boundy has grown businesses in a variety of industries for 25 years , amassing wide-ranging experience in sales, marketing, new product development, and product management. He helps his clients find, win, and keep more business—more profitably. He’s led firms to be value – and price – leaders in a wide variety of product and service industries.
Growing businesses within W.L.Gore & Associates (makers of Gore-Tex®), Lucent Technologies, and GE Capital, Mark developed highly differentiated, premium-priced offerings in some thought-to-be-commodity businesses (like electrical cable and money). He started Boundy Consulting, LLC, to leverage his expertise to clients, mostly in the sales performance area. Ultimately, he formed ValuClarity, packaging his expertise into courses and consulting methodologies available electronically and through affiliates.
Mark holds a degree with high distinction in Business Administration from the University of Michigan’s Ross Business School.
Cristina DiGiacomo
Cristina DiGiacomoAuthor
As an industrial philosopher™, I take philosophy, turn it into practice, and deliver progress. By combining 20 years of management experience, 9 years of practice in Philosophy and a Masters in Organizational Change Management, I offer coaching, advising, and training that enables professional development and help organizations move forward. I have communications and strategy experience in start-up and corporate environments and worked for award-winning and iconic companies such as Citigroup, AMC Networks, The New York Times, R/GA, Deep Focus, and RAPP. I am currently the Vice President of the Organization Development Network of New York and a member of the Society for Human Resources and The Association for Talent Development.
Brandie Beane
Brandie BeaneAuthor
Brandie Beane brings her real world resilience to businesses to help improve their service recovery processes.
Frank Molinar, CFP
Frank Molinar, CFPRicher Lives & Ready Warriors
Frank is a Certified Financial Planner who challenges conventional wisdom and incorporates military strategy to awaken in others a fresh understanding of personal finance and leave audiences with an unfailing battle plan to build richer lives.
Kim Hoffman
Kim HoffmanRMT, LMT, Client Manager
Kim is passionate about health and well-being – from the inside out. Kim is a Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner. Kim offers her services to clients who are simply looking to relax to clients suffering from a number of traumas. In addition, Kim is passionate about hearing people’s stories and wants to help you tell your story. Kim is now working on becoming a published author.