About Goodrich Publishing

With a core value and belief that everyone has a story that the world needs to hear, Goodrich Publishing is a boutique publishing firm focused on giving a voice and a process to authors struggling with:

  • Getting their book written
  • Getting their book published
  • Getting their book noticed

At Goodrich Publishing we meet the author where they are, providing services and support to make their story a reality. With an affordable services structure and one-on-one attention, Goodrich Publishing demystifies the publishing process and creates a fulfilling writing and publishing experience for everyone: inexperienced authors through multi-published authors.

Our passion is enabling YOUR story!

About The Goodrich Institute

A quest to discover, and maximize, potential.

The Goodrich Institute provides consultation and educational opportunities to organizations that seek to increase their productivity, employee morale and engagement, project management results, and achieve their strategic goals. The Goodrich Institute includes:

As Mayflower descendants, all generations of the Hopkins / Goodrich family have demonstrated entrepreneurial drive with a focus on building communities and businesses. The Goodrich Institute proudly carries on that commitment to service.

About Belinda Goodrich

Belinda Goodrich is the founder and president of Goodrich Publishing: she has a deep-rooted passion that there are value and power in every person’s story and message. Recognized globally as a project management expert, Belinda Goodrich is adept at engaging people and organizations to deliver results. With a background in industrial and organizational psychology, Belinda uses her knowledge of human behavior and motivation to uncover the roadblocks that inhibit productivity. A prolific writer, Belinda has published twelve robust business titles. She is currently working on her memoir trilogy as well as a historical fiction novel based on the adventures of her fifth great-grandmother, Elizabeth Goodrich.

Belinda is the President of The Goodrich Institute and PM Learning Solutions. She also serves the speaking community as Treasurer of the National Speakers Association-Arizona Chapter.

Belinda Goodrich