• Value is the invisible power that drives all commerce, from deciding to click a link on your website, to accepting a request for a sales call, to comparing competitive offers, to deciding whether to buy at all.  The thing is, value only exists in the customer's mind. There’s one more thing: value is the foundation of all premium pricing, and profitable win-win pricing. The sales performance space is crowded, noisy, and confusing, seeming to reinforce the idea that “anything worth doing is worth over-complicating”.  Radical Value provides a quieting lens, bringing us all back to the core of all commerce.  There’s radical simplicity –and radical power -- in focusing all your company does on customer value.
    • Complex, involved selling methodologies are great, but tend to distract from the core effective selling: value. Getting the power out of any process and/or methodology requires something radical: focusing 90% of effort on the 10% or so of methodology that builds value in customers’ minds.
    • Customers are more segmented, distracted, silod, and harried than ever. When many silos benefit, but one silo holds budget, customer buying decisions dissolve into a defocused, confused mess that favors the dreaded “no decision”. Sellers can’t simply manage customer complexity, they must master and harness it, using a radical re-think of how -- and how widely – they build value of their offer.
    • Selling organizations are every bit as siloed. Typically, ten to fifteen roles serve customers, but only one is charged with selling. Frighteningly, none of the rest even report on opportunities for value creation that they see constantly. A radical change is needed, turning everyone into “forward observers”, upgrading normal sellers into “complete value” sellers.
    This isn't just a theoretical book.  You will learn simple tools to implement value focus.  Sellers will learn how to sell and price to value. Marketers will focus on outcome-based messaging.  Innovators will have a deeply insightful view of what outcomes their products and services deliver...and how valuable those – and new -- outcomes can become. Executives will be able to form value-based feedback loops between every function in their companies.