The Platinum Package is the ultimate support program to get you from start to finish with your incredible book. We are with you every step of the way: preparation, publication, and presentation!

  • We will purchase and assign your ISBN and barcode under the Goodrich Publishing imprint. Under our agreement, you will be allowed to sell or give away your book as you choose* while also receiving the appearance benefits of being under a formal publishing company.
  • We will apply for and assign your Library of Congress Control Number to protect you and your works
  • Your book manuscript will be re-formatted and released as a Kindle book.
  • We will submit your files to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. This will place your book on and eligible for Prime shipping. In addition, you will have the power to order author copies at any time!
  • To get you started, we will provide you with 25 author copies of your new book!
  • You will receive four one-on-one coaching sessions with Goodrich Publishing President, Belinda Goodrich. She will help you work through writing obstacles, creative challenges, or the publishing timeline.
  • We will help you ensure your title, subtitle, and back copy truly convey the awesomeness of your book.
  • Your manuscript will be professionally typeset to comply with the Amazon KDP requirements. This will include callouts, margins, headers and footers, etc.
  • You will receive a professional cover design for both your print and Kindle version from an experienced graphic designer. Based on your feedback and specifications, we will provide you with multiple options to choose from to ensure the cover reflects your vision for your book.
  • Goodrich Publishing will release an official Press Release that you can use on your website, LinkedIn, and other social media marketing avenues.
  • We will submit an application on your behalf to have the hard-copy of your book carried in Barnes & Noble locations.
  • We will create a customized marketing and social media plan for your book that makes it easy to execute and spread the word
  • One of the most rewarding aspects of being a published author is to get to know your readers! We will help you set up virtual and/or physical book signings.

Getting Started with the Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is perfect for the author who wants full-service and the structure to finally get the book done, while also ensuring that it will be released and marketed professionally.

Let’s get your book published! We deal with all of the final aspects of delivering a print-ready manuscript for publishing.

Information needed:

  • Target publication date
  • Intake survey to assess your challenges and drivers for getting your book completed
  • Book size
  • Page count
  • Paper selection (cream or white)
  • Any full-bleed requirements within the manuscript
  • Author name, bio, and high-resolution image
  • Book description for listing

Once the book parameters are provided, we will give you pricing options that will detail your royalties based on the printing costs and KDP fees. For the platinum package, Goodrich Publishing will assess a 4% royalty fee for any books sold through Amazon. This means that we will not collect any royalties for books you sell on your own or through other channels! We want you excited to partner with us and getting a royalty check is exciting!

Sample Royalty Situation

Sale Price: $20.00

Approximate KDP Fees*: $8.00

Goodrich Publishing Fee: $0.80

Your Royalty: $11.20

(*KDP fees vary based on printing costs/page counts so this is just an average example)

Royalties are paid out from KDP 60-days in arrears. For example, if the book is published in January, you will receive January royalties on the last day of March. Sales reporting is available to you at any time!