The Writer’s Academy is a highly focused power program that enables you to complete your book in nine weeks. Apply to join this small, select cohort and start 2020 with completing your book!

Leveraging behavioral science principles and progressive development techniques, this program is not your typical accountability program and is unlike any others that are being offered.

We will focus on an incremental development and writing process that will keep you on-point and engaged.

The Writer’s Academy launches on February 6th, putting your completed manuscript in your hands by the end of the first quarter.


February 6th – March 31st


Nine Week Program 

Nine weeks will give you the ideal amount of time to bring your book from concept to completion. Hard to believe? Even with a busy schedule, the structure of the Writer’s Academy carves out the time in the most effective manner to optimize your writing.

Weekly Zoom Meetings

The power of The Writers Academy comes through the group accountability, brainstorming, and support that is instilled in the cohort. We will meet once a week for nine weeks. Unable to attend? The Zoom meetings will be recorded for future reference.

Daily Accountability Check-In  

To commit to your writing journey and achieve your goals, the cohort will have a fun, quick-hit daily accountability check-in. Your book will always be top-of-mind. 

Semi-Weekly Writing Sessions  

When we block off time on our calendar, we are able to easily prioritize the most important work. Join us for two, two-hour writing sessions per week using the Pomodoro technique for writing focus and productivity. Writing sessions are facilitated over Zoom.

Group Support, Coaching, and Mentoring

We are here to support you, every step of the way. Not only do you get the benefits of working with your incredible cohort, Belinda Goodrich and Kim Hoffman will provide coaching and mentoring as needed!

Apply For Entry Into The Cohort 

Applications close on January 18, 2020

Normal price: $999

Your price: $499 (payment plan available)

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